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Duane B.

Seekonk, MA.

Thank you so much for your patience.  You are THE best and rise to any occasion.  I learned a lot last night inspite of the challenges I brought. You picked a gorgeous night and a great location, Laura, and I learned so much as always. You fit a lot of tips, how to, and mentoring into your classes and it is always fun to shoot with you.

Pat N.

North Kingstown, RI

Last night’s photo shoot of the Milky Way was most enjoyable and informative.  It was exciting to see this part of our galaxy more clearly for the first time by capturing its image.  Laura presented a thorough and detailed explanation of the process and was most helpful in answering questions and providing assistance throughout the night in a very pleasant, patient manner.

Paul W.

Cumberland, RI

Laura, without your patience and skill our documentary photography projects would not have had the success we experienced. You have made all of us better photographers and people.


East Greenwich, RI

I highly recommend Laura's private lessons on photography.  I couldn't believe how much I learned in just 3 hours.  After her private lesson, I felt confident enough to use the manual modes on my camera that I had been afraid to use previously.


Warwick, RI

"Laura Paton is a rare breed of photographer. While many of us go into a situation and let the world around us dictate what it is we take away from a shoot, Laura always has a vision in mind and, somehow, manages to execute that vision with each click of the shutter in a way few photographers could ever do.

All it takes is a brief runthrough of her landscape portfolio to see how incredible Laura is at finding the right angle, perfect lighting and, most importantly, the life in a photo to bring it out in a remarkable way.

With Laura, there is no such thing as a wasted shot. Laura goes into every shoot with a plan of action and comes away with amazing photos because of it.

Laura is also a phenomenal teacher. I would recommend her to anyone new to photography or, if you're like me, anyone wanting to learn new things. It will be the best money you've ever spent and your camera will thank you for it.:"


N. Kingstown, RI

"Laura was extremely informative in explaining the different settings and modes on the camera that most people do not usually know what to do with. The course went into enough depth to leave me with a clear understanding but not so much as to confuse me."


Warwick, RI

"Laura has been enthusiastic and very helpful. She knows her subject extremely well and has given us plenty of valuable info to help us become better photographers."


Coventry, RI

"The workshop was very helpful. It helped us understand the capabilities of a DSLR and how to use it effectively.  We learned how to make pictures come out the way we envision them by changing adjustments and settings to work with the lighting situation."

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Cumberland, RI


Had a great time in Laura Paton's Holiday Light class. Looking forward to going to Lasalette Shrine this week to try out my new skills


Foster, RI


It was a fun weekend! When the weekend started I barely could use my new digital camera. By then end of the weekend I was changing settings and playing with light in ways I never imagined was possible. Laura Paton's photographic knowledge, patience, and guidance was perfect for me as a beginner. If that wasn't enough, the women in the group helped each other too!! I got more out of this weekend than a semester-long class.




Completely enjoyable, can't wait for the next one. I learned so much in a relaxed, creative environment.



Westerly, RI


I totally enjoyed our girls weekend getaway!!!! Laura's style of teaching is easy to understand and fun. She makes learning interesting.



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