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Growing up Military

I began working on my photo documentary "Growing up Military" in 2006.  Over the past 11 years, I have attended and photographed several military deployment ceremonies, homecomings, promotion ceremonies and other events where children were present to give support to their military parents. Here is a very small sample of the thousands of photographs taken while working on this ongoing project.

Young girls dress in their best patriotic garb awaiting their father's return from deployment.

Yellow ribbon tied to a tree of a family home during deployment.

A soldier's family welcomes him home from deployment.

A child sleeps with his "daddy doll" while his father is deployed.

A young child reunites with his father after an 18 month deployment.

A soldier greeted by his wife and newborn son he is holding for the first time.

Children pin new rank onto their father at a promotion ceremony.

A reporter interviews a father holding his daughter for the first time.

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